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  • IPFS Node Establishment

    One-stop Service Provider

    for establishing and operating Filecoin and Arweave nodes.

  • Full Node Configuration

    One-stop Blockchain Operations Service:

    configuration of shared/dedicated full nodes, development and distribution of open APIs.

  • Node Staking Services

    Run Validator Nodes

    generating a stable PoS revenue with staking tokens

Operation and Maintenance - Key Stats

  • Security Incidents

  • IDCs

  • Managed Servers

  • Computing Power

Computing Power (T)



ORIGIN Storage is founded,

Filecoin mining services are launched.


ORIGIN Storage is commended by Filecoin for its code contributions.

Company commences R&D of mining servers.

Company participates in Filecoin testing network and receives a top ranking.


Filecoin China community is launched.

Development of computing power recovery system.

Company receives strategic investment.

Node computing power increases by 1.5 petabytes/day


Total computing power exceeds 500 petabytes.

Establishment of multiple IPFS mining nodes across multiple countries and regions including the US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Company becomes Venus Master.

Official computing marketplace is launched.


New offices are opened in the US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Company develops comprehensive web and app products.

The total Filecoin supply is capped at 2 billion tokens.

  • 55% Mining Rewards
  • 15% Mining Reserve
  • 10.5% Protocol Labs
  • 10% Investors
  • 5% Filecoin Foundation
  • 4.5% Team and Contributors

Why Choose Filecoin?

  • 1

    Experienced Team of Founders

    The IPFS launched by Protocol Labs has been dubbed “the future of the web”. Other projects of the Protocol Labs team include libp2p, IPLD, multiformats, Orbit and Filecoin.

  • 2

    Supporting Web 3.0

    Filecoin has reduced data storage costs, increased data security and privacy and provided fundamental infrastructure for the development of Web 3.0.

  • 3

    Innovative Economic Model

    In addition to staking tokens, miners must participate in the network over an extended period in order to obtain rewards, which are vested on a linear schedule.

  • 4

    Pioneering Distributed Storage Technology

    Filecoin is one of the world’s leading projects for distributed storage, a key component of Web 3.0.

  • 5

    Backed by Venture Capital

    Filecoin has raised venture capital from leading investors including Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, the Winklevoss twins and Union Square Ventures.

  • 6

    Strong Demand

    Filecoin was listed on almost all mainstream trading platforms on the same day as the mainnet launch, including Coinbase, Binance, Huobi and OKEx. In recent years, there has also been strong demand for futures and physical mining machines.

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