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Filecoin Mining 1+1 Minimum Cluster Configuration Solution (One-stop Mining Service)


Computing Power Acceleration Server x 1


Mass Storage Server x 1

Central dispatch server & high-performance computing power server
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Product Specification
Sealing Efficiency 1.5T/day/unit
Storage Space 528T (Western Digital 16T*33)
Effective Computing Power 410T
Mining Machine Property Right Permanent
Delivery Time 2 to 3 weeks
IDC Computer Room Hosting 100M optical fiber, 32A cabinet, T3+ standard computer room
Customized Acceleration Software continuous optimization and upgrading to improve mining efficiency
Stable Cluster Operation and Maintenance cluster operations and maintenances, 24-hour uninterrupted response and detection
Service Revenue Share charge 20% of mining profit
Configuration Parameters
AMD EPYC 7302 16-core 3.0G
Asus KRPA-U16
64GB RDIMM 2933
Hard Disk
Samsung SATA 2.5 inch enterprise 256GB
Cache Disk
Intel S3520 1.6T SSD
Graphics Card
RTX3080 10G
Case Size
4U chassis 650mm (length) * 428mm (width) * 176mm (height)
Product Description
The 1+1 minimum cluster one-stop mining service is a mining model with physical mining machines sales and full custody (including physical mining machines custody and income custody), which aims to provide users with convenient one-stop mining services and expand users’ mining capacity. In addition, provide all aspects of custody services for mining machines and carry out daily profit distribution, the profit will be distributed in the form of Filecoin.
1.This product set includes a computing power acceleration server and a large-capacity storage server. Users who want to purchase can contact the Origin Pool WeChat Official Account(Origin Pool WeChat ID: originstorage).
2.The default contract for one-stop mining service is 1 year. After 1 year expires, users can choose to take away their mining machine(s) or renew a new contract.
3.After purchasing the product, it will be shipped to the mining farm within T+21 days and will be hosted by the Origin Pool by default.
4.The effective computing power of this product is 410T/unit, and the actual situation will be slightly different.
5.Origin Pool will manage all users’ product assets who agreed to this agreement and will issue weekly/monthly reports in detail to make all users’ asset management processes transparent.
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